Curriculum vitae

Click here for a PDF of my CV, or find selected works below:



2017. The Interaction of Wh-movement and Topicalization in Hän. 2016 Dene Language
Conference Proceedings.

2017. Constraints on the Evaluation Times of Noun Phrases. LSO Working Papers in Linguistics. Proceedings from WIGL 14. [pdf]

Forthcoming. Unexpected Athabaskan Pronouns. With Blake Lehman. UCLA Working Papers: Festschrift for Russ Schuh.


2017. Constraints on Noun Phrase Evaluation Times. Distinguished Alumna Address at Linguistics Undergraduate Research Conference. University of California, Santa Cruz. June 2. [handout]


2017. A Lack of Embedded Evidentiality. Talk presented at Tu+3 Turkish, Turkic, and the Languages of Turkey. University of California, Los Angeles. November 18-19. [handout]

2017. Tense in Cleft Constructions. Talk presented at California Universities Semantics and Pragmatics. University of California, Irvine. October 21-22. [handout]

2017. Unexpected Athabaskan Pronouns. With Blake Lehman. Talk presented at The 20th Annual Workshop on American Indigenous Languages. University of California, Santa Barbara. May 12-13. [handout]

2017. Semantic roles and binding as an argument for late merge. Talk presented at UNC Spring Colloquium. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. April 8. [handout]

2017. Once a fugitive, always a fugitive: A reanalyzing of temporal nouns. Talk presented at Workshop in General Linguistics 14. University of Wisconsin, Madison. April 1-2. [handout]

2016. Dependency in Italian Verbal Paradigms. Talk presented at the 2016 Institute for Collaborative Language Research. Fairbanks, AK. June 24.

2016. Evidentiality Conditioned Partial-WH Movement. Poster presented at the UCLA Linguistics 50th Anniversary. June 13. [poster]

2012. Italian Prepositional Contractions. Talk presented at Linguistics Undergraduate Research Conference. University of California, Santa Cruz. June 8. [handout]


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