Hän is an Athabaskan language spoken in Alaska and the Yukon Territory. The Hän language is extremely endangered, with only six remaining speakers.

I have been working on Hän since 2016 with Alaska-based language consultants.

My work on Hän involves both documentation and theoretical research.



My work with Hän focuses on maintaining a clear record of the language in order to preserve the culture for future generations. I work with the few remaining speakers to create aids for those trying to learn the language, including language lessons, worksheets, traditional stories of various reading levels, audio files of stories, and videos with bilingual subtitles describing cultural customs.

I partner with the Alaska Native Language Archive and the Doyon Foundation to make these materials accessible to the public.

Click here for a PDF of story book that is currently in progress!



I am currently in the process of mapping out the pronominal/binding system in Hän. I recently presented on one facet of this work at the SSILA/LSA 2019 Annual Meeting. (Click here for the handout.)

In the past, I have also published on Wh-movement and topicalization in Hän.


Ruth and I
This is me with Ruth Ridley, the youngest remaining speaker of Hän.

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