Prosody-Semantics Reading Group

This group focuses on the interaction of prosody and semantics. Currently we are working on a group project on the interaction of pitch accents and scalar implicatures.

This quarter (Winter 2019) we are meeting from 1-2 on the Wednesdays of even weeks in the Syntax-Semantics Seminar Room. (Our partner reading group–Contour Club–meets at the same time on odd weeks in the Phonology Seminar Room.)


Week 2 (1/16): Organizational Meeting
Week 4 (1/30): Paper presentations by Beth, Jessica, Maura
Week 6 (2/13): Paper presentations by Adam, Christine, Jesse

Week 8 (2/27): Paper presentations by Jesse, Maura, Travis
Week 10 (3/13): Stimuli creation


Attendees, please contact me for access to the google drive folder.

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